I joined De Parabool as soon as I moved to Groningen, having played Korfball at home in Scotland. They were immediately accommodating to the fact that at the beginning I knew almost no Dutch. The coaches and members helped me to understand the trainings we were doing if I couldn’t figure out the tasks from body language, and it was very easy to learn the words and terms used a lot in practice. Throughout my time at De Parabool I was able to meet a lot of wonderful people, join committees, help organise tournaments, join in the socials, and play on a competitive team. The club was welcoming and open to me, both as a competitive and non-competitive member. Lots of my best memories of my time in Groningen are from times with De Parabool and there are people I met there who I hope to be able to see whenever I visit. Throughout my time in the Netherlands I was making concerted efforts to learn Dutch and whilst they were always accommodating when I needed people to talk to me in English, they also very patiently supported my efforts to practice my Dutch and helped me when I asked. De Parabool is a wonderfully friendly club and as long as you try to get involved they will make you feel welcome.